22nd annual Missions Conference: 

Missionaries, we are here for you!  We support you, cheer for you, and pray for you!  There is an advantage to having a home church back you as you minister.  You are not alone on the mission field.  We remember you!  We pray for you throughout the year, and we look forward to our Annual Missions Conference Gathering each October!

October 20-23, 2022

Missions conference

Our Annual Missions Conference is an amazing event that our church looks forward to and prepares for all year long!  The conference, scheduled near the end of October, is truly an event to attend. The four-day event begins Thursday with a casual family cook-out, stories from our beloved Missionaries, children's activities, youth camp fire with missionaries, and great music/entertainment indoors.  Friday evening is a special Missions service.  Saturday we host a banquet and a Missions Service.  Sunday morning is a powerful time to gather with us both at 9AM for Sunday School with the Missionaries and at 10AM for our Family Worship Service, with a missions emphasis.  Sunday night is a time of celebration, prayer, and praise!  We finish the week with our Sunday Night Sundae Delight!  Approximately thirty missionaries, with a mission field of over fifty countries combined, gather throughout the event answering questions, and sharing their unique experiences, and telling us the good things that God is doing in these nations.