Haiti Missions

One country that we (NLCC) are directly involved in is the country of Haiti. Haiti is the third poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Though poverty has taken a tremendous toll on this country we believe that God still has a plan to preserve and prosper the Haitian people. We are actively involved in many aspects of the ministry in Haiti and have linked with a Haitian Pastor by the name of Yves Regaillard.

ministry outreach in Haiti

Through Pastor Yves, Pastor Timothy Warner, Roy Peterson, and the body of NLCC, many great things have been accomplished for the Lord in Haiti.

  • Clothing for School uniforms every year
  • Financial support of teachers
  • Training of pastors and laymen
  • Food & clean water
  • Building projects
  • NLCC missions trips

Financial support and contributions can be made through the donate page on this site.