Northern Lights Christian Academy  

PRE-K  - 12th Grade

Welcome! We are a PRE-K through 12th Grade Christian school that reaches out to our entire community and all local churches. Our teachers and staff are committed to help each young person who attends NLCA to reach their full potential academically, physically, socially and spiritually.

"And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man."  Luke 2:52

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For information about enrollment, tuition, educational materials and other related questions, please feel free to contact the office: 

K-12th Grade Administrator:  Sandra Warner

Preschool:  Terri Welsch

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Academy Office:

Phone: 715-634-5040


Office Hours: Mon-Fri; 8:00am-3:30pm or leave a message and we'll get back to you!


Northern Lights Christian Academy has been raised by the Lord as a ministry of the church to serve the church (all of God's people). We are here to provide Academic, Biblical, and Christian instruction with quality and excellence. Our purpose at NLCA, since our inception in 1987, is to work together with other churches in the community in order to offer quality and relevant Christian education. We view our ministry as reaching into all denominations of churches within the Christian faith. Our objective is to provide an academic setting which emphasizes the central truths from Scripture and its application to life.

Preschool (3-5 year olds)

Northern Lights Christian Academy offers an excellent preschool program for children who are at least three years of age (and toilet-trained).  The Preschool classroom generally has between 14 and 18 students on any given day.  Our hard-working teachers ensure your children get the best education possible!

We offer a safe, loving learning environment, where preschool students are taught numerous skills that lay a foundation for the rest of their education.  A priority is to teach these young students biblical truth and incorporate Scripture memorization into their daily routine.  Preschool students are taught letters and their sounds, blends, sounding out words, writing letters/words, activities to develop fine motor skills, numbers, basic math, counting up to triple digits, following directions, calendar skills, memorization, Bible stories, shapes, colors, art, and more!  The Preschool classroom is designed to encourage a healthy appreciation of our world and stimulate creativity and learning.

Beyond academics, we provide a wonderful environment for these younger students to develop healthy social skills, respect for others, and good habits. Students are promoted from our Academy Preschool well-equipped for Kindergarten and beyond!

Northern Lights offers full-length school days, and after-school care can be provided upon request.  Parents appreciate our flexibility in allowing students to attend 2-5 days per week. 


The Kindergarten class is taught by Mrs. Kollmorgen this year.  There are eight students in this classroom.  Skills taught are reading proficiency, phonics skills, math, fine motor skills, and other core subjects.  Bible lessons are taught and demonstrated in the classroom.  Students memorize Bible verses and attend chapel Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  

1st-2nd Grade

We truly value these young students as they are naturally inquisitive and eager to learn!  This classroom has 14 students this year. Mrs. Draves is a great teacher who specializes in reading skills.  She loves to see the students improve in academic areas and ensures that Christian values are communicated. The educational emphasis in First & Second Grade is reading proficiency, math computation, penmanship, spelling, science, and motor skill.  Bible lessons are taught in a way these young ones can understand.  We love how easily the children memorize Scripture at this age!  Northern Lights provides an environment conducive to growing spiritually, socially, and academically.

3rd-4th grade

The 3rd-4th Grade classroom has 17 students and is taught by Mrs. Wilson, and aided by Brooke Hamblin who takes part of the class when individual attention is optimal. All subjects are taught to familiarize the students with deeper math concepts, science, history, language, reading comprehension, spelling, writing, various arts, music, physical education and more.  All subjects are taught from a Christian perspective to instill godly principles in each student's heart.

These years are very formative for children, and it is our pleasure to work with the parents in training students up in the ways of the Lord and grounding them in good study habits and interpersonal skills.

5th-6th grade

Combining 5th through 6th Grade works well, as students delve deeper into their academic studies.  Mrs. Welsch has 8 students this year in 5th & 6th grade.  These grades are taught all the general education courses, along with Physical Education, Music, Computer, Writing, and Art. 

These pre-teen years can be very enjoyable for students as they are free to study in a stress-free environment, without the negative influences of peer pressure that often surrounds this age group.  With biblical principles permeating the atmosphere, Christian students really love attending school at Northern Lights!

Jr. High:  7th-8th Grade

The Jr. High classroom has 8 students.  Mrs. Bogle is their homeroom teacher.  The students get along well with one another.  Coursework continues to increase students' knowledge base of all general education courses, such as Math, Science, History, Grammar, Spelling and Literature.  Additional classes benefit students with many other skills, such as Writing, Physical Education, Art and the Bible.  What an important season in the lives of these youth to be educated with excellence and biblical truth as they mature emotionally, socially, and spiritually!

NLCA High School

There are 11 students this year in high school.  Mrs. Warner is their homeroom teacher; Pastor Tim, Pastor Jim; James Bolen, Leah Warner, Brroke Hamblin also teach a variety of classes at various times.  The teachers of Northern Lights Christian Academy High School are dedicated to educating Freshmen through Seniors in a variety of academic avenues.  These include the following:  Science courses, with lab work/diagrams; Math courses, with various levels of Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Mathematics, Calculus, etc.; History; Literature; Grammar; Writing Technique; Foreign Language; Psychology; Computer Class; Physical Education; Public Speaking; Music & Drama, which are infused into our two major annual school productions; and Bible Class, taught at an academic level where the students are trained to create outlines, write research papers, study biblical history, hermeneutics, apologetics, Old & New Testament Surveys, the founding fathers of Christian faith, and more!

Beyond academics, students become acquainted with different pastors, missionaries and professionals who speak during chapel services or are brought in for special purposes.  The atmosphere of the classroom is peaceful and fosters friendships, learning and positive discussion.  The smaller-sized classrooms continue to benefit the upper-grade levels, ensuring they get the help they need, making sure no one is overlooked, and allowing for closer bonds between classmates. 

High School students graduate from Northern Lights Christian Academy well-prepared to succeed at the college, university, or technical school of their choice, or to enter the military or career field directly.  Many have attested that Northern Lights instilled godly principles into the hearts of the students and equipped them academically for success. 


Students who graduate from Northern Lights Christian Academy do exceptionally well at colleges, universities, professions, and many unique careers.  We have had numerous students graduate over the years and enter careers such as Education/Teaching, Missions, Business, Pastoral Leadership, Army/Navy Service, Finance, Nursing, Medical and many other vocations.  Time and again, we get positive feedback from students, parents, professors, and others who acknowledge the fact that students who attend small Christian schools, and Northern Lights Christian Academy in particular, are well-prepared academically and socially to succeed in life!

Graduates receive a diploma from Northern Lights Christian Academy.  We host Commencement Services annually in May.  We believe God has a purpose for each individual, and we see it as our mission to prepare students by partnering with their parents in raising children in the ways of the Lord and teaching them academics according to Scriptural morality and truth. 

School Performances

Through our school plays (twice a year), the students are acclimated with the performance arts.  They gain music ability, performance experience, rehearsal practice and a chance to bring entertainment to the academy families and community that portrays a Godly message.